Blackburne’s Ladies


One of my greatest “finds” was E. Owen Blackburne’s Illustrious Irishwomen, in two volumes, published in 1877. I copied — as faithfully as possible — the lengthy chapter on the Ladies of Llangollen.

Thanks to Roger’s interest (see his comments on the Bibliography page), I’ve put a few image linksĀ back in the bibliography, and copied the text and images for Blackburne’s biography.

It’s been a while since I read this, but I recall being *impressed* with how much of the story Blackburne got right! There was just so much out there that was supposition — even downright wrong — about the Ladies. That was how I found Mary Gosling‘s early travel diary: it was in looking up first-hand information about the Ladies that I came across the diary’s catalogue entry at Duke University: Mary and family MET the Ladies, were even shown around Plas Newydd!

The online version is a bit rough around the edges – but it’s the content that counts! Find the chapter here.


Hello world!

A server snafu “ate” my website on The Ladies of Llangollen. No great loss — it was on the public server of a college where I formerly worked, and I had made sure to extract all files before leaving. Still, hard not to see in my mind’s eye my pink background and “Blackadder” script….

There was a LOT of information, which, being off the grid, got very little traffic. So I thought now a good time to switch over, reproduce as much as I could, and “blog” as little as possible.

Ah, here is my “file” copy of the old homepage:

I had actually found TONS of information on them – from early sources, books, articles. There’s more upstairs, waiting to be read, typed and included.

Lots of hard work, but *fun* ahead too, I hope. It’s going to take a back seat, however, to my research into Emma Austen Leigh and Mary Lady Smith, aka “Two Teens in the Time of Austen“.

Stay tuned!

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