Ladies of Llangollen Bibliography

For the life of me I could not figure out if I had written about The Hamwood Papers or not…

I did! I did! – So, why did I wonder that? Why couldn’t I find what I had posted about these items??

Because the BIBLIOGRAPHY link listed book excerpts in a drop-down menu, I did not think to simply CLICK on the word BIBLIOGRAPHY! 

E voila…

I must try to find a different way of listing the excerpts… But for now, this short posting must serve for those looking for the likes of The Hamwood Papers and primary sources for the letters & diaries of the Ladies of Llangollen, as well as some books and papers.

Apologies for the layout of the page; it’s obviously font-challenged at present…

Hamilton: Notable Irishwomen

Here is the latest addition, a shorter essay on the Ladies of Llangollen, and their Irish background.


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