Visitors to Plas Newydd, Part I

The Ladies of Llangollen were such an attraction that people visited from near and far. And even those who did not visit knew about them, wrote about them.

Here, in Part I, their early visitors {see side links} are introduced:

Lord Edward FitzGerald and Mr. William Ogilvie, Mr. Twining, the Countess of Upper Ossory. Anna Seward’s letters will have to be a later surprise, but her “page” is up. Then there is Thomas de Quincey, and Lord Byron.

More coming… Just wait for the knock at the door, then enter into the realm of the Ladies of Llangollen.


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  1. Helena Whitbread
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 04:34:39

    In 1822 Anne Lister, (1791-1840) Yorkshire lesbian and landowner, visited the Ladies of Llangollen. For her account of her visit see pp.219 -235 of The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister, published by Virago (2010). Anne describes Plas Newydd as ‘…the prettiest little spot I ever saw – a silken cord on which the pearls of taste are strung’ – but she doubts that the relationship between the Ladies was purely platonic. ‘Heaven forgive me, but I look within myself & doubt. I feel the infirmity of our nature & hesitate to pronounce such attachments uncemented by something more tender still than friendship’. [Ann Lister Journals. 3rd August 1822.]


    • Janeite Kelly
      Jan 25, 2012 @ 09:13:26

      Hello, Helena! What a true thrill to hear from you.

      It was reading Anne Lister’s diaries (your book) that made me want to look up OTHER “first-hand” accounts about the Ladies of Llangollen.

      I’ve QUITE a number of “visitors” to Plas Newydd to post — and Anne is one of them.

      On a personal level, let me just say how much I admire your work on these diaries. Your work on Lister and Deirdre Le Faye’s work on Austen have inspired my own attempts at the Smith&Gosling families. Isn’t history — and herstory — fun?!?

      Thanks for visiting. And for writing.



  2. Rose McMahon
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 20:37:02

    I have always considered Ms. Lister’s views as very significant.


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