Ponsonby – where is he?

I was prepared to say ‘hey! I’ve posted Arthur Ponsonby’s selection of the Butler diaries from his book English Diaries‘– only the page is “published” but doesn’t show up on either the menu under bibliography (at the top; mouse-over the word), or in the static list on the menu under bibliography on the right. It should have popped in below Morton’s offering.

Gads… Frustrating when technology doesn’t work as expected, isn’t it?!

Anyway, the page seems up, WordPress just isn’t (yet?) recognizing the new page. So if you want to see the 1920s Ponsonby comments, click here: Ponsonby: English Diaries.

UPDATE: It’s 9:30 pm Eastern (US) Time and *finally* Ponsonby shows up! So let me take the opportunity to say a few things about this prolific editor. BTW He’s evidently related to Sarah — through the Bessborough line.

It’s rather difficult to find his original books online because there has been a glut of reissues (which would be nice, IF the publishers didn’t just reissue reprints and charge full-price for them; I remember one book: you might as well have called it a “facsimile” edition, it looked exactly, page-for-page, like the original hardcover – sold for $7.95 in the early reprint I purchased, but had a whopping increase to like $18.95 in a printing about a year later. The authors of these reprints don’t make money, do they— But I digress…)

This site has a nice history of Arthur Ponsonby. I never realized he married a daughter of Sir Hubert Parry! Ah, a small world…

Of special interest to me are Ponsonby’s books regarding diaries (the one with this extract was a library copy at Dartmouth College), but here is a listing of Ponsonby’s writings.



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