More Seward: Letters from 1796

Have posted some more of the Anna Seward letters — this time from the year 1796. These are full letters, taken from the six volumes published in 1811.

You can read more about my plans for correspondents by clicking on the main link “Correspondence & Correspondents“.

I’d love to hear comments: If any later publications of these letters (NOT reprints) were ever published? Do the original letters exist? We all know that some editing was usually done in publications of letters… See, for instance, the comments and replies on “Regency Reads”.

Silhouettes of Sarah Ponsonby and Eleanor Butler

We’ve seen comparable images a thousand times, but I highlight this silhouettenot on display at the National Portrait Gallery, yet found online (search for SARAH PONSONBY or ELEANOR BUTLER rather than the LADIES OF LLANGOLLEN) – because it is thought to have been done c1810-1823. During their lifetime! By whom? for whom? we shall never know. See the image and read about the silhouette by clicking the link. DO view it as a fuller-sized image. The detail is terrific! You can see the fluff of their hair, the folds of their skirts. Sarah has a frailty about her that, I think, puts the image later rather than earlier. She was certainly described by Anne Lister as being in poor health.

Any Readers near Dublin?

Dear Ladies of Llangollen blog readers,

Am looking for one kind soul who might be able to visit the National Library of Ireland, in Dublin, for me. There’s one diary there, which I’d love to learn more about, get some images taken (so a digital camera required).

For more information, please email me, Kelly, at smithandgosling [at] gmail [dot] com

The diary is among the papers of the 2nd Marquess of Ormonde.

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