The Ladies as Sculpture

Although hardly “new” anymore — the story is from 2010! — I just love this photo = it’s *fun*! Here’s the accompanying story. I do wish, however, they were as life-sized as this photo makes them appear… The second photo in the article gives the game away.

In Case you missed it: Mrs Thrale / Mrs Piozzi

A few days ago, when I added some more letters by Anna Seward, I also added the first of a complex file consisting of Ladies of Llangollen comments from several Hester Thrale / Piozzi sources. Find it under Correspondence & Correspondents.

Blogging is a different platform from a website – but the page translated well, don’t you think!

Finally, I purchased a copy of Ian McIntyre’s biography of Hester (arrived yesterday). Can’t wait to prop it open and beginning reading. McIntyre also makes comment of James Clifford’s earlier biography.

Readers might know of my collection of the 6-volume PIOZZI LETTERS, as well as the lovely volume of travels known as THE FRENCH JOURNALS of MRS THRALE and DR JOHNSON. I also fondly remember THE THRALES OF STREATHAM (Mary Hyde’s biography, based on Hester’s children’s books). I recently came across some internet information on Hyde’s research.

In trying to find it again, I unearthed The Donald & Mary Hyde Collection of Samuel Johnson.

McIntyre appeared on BBC Radio 4, talking about his book and his subject, Hester.

Mary Hyde’s book, as it appeared in the Harvard Library Bulletin:

I’ll let readers look up The Impossible Friendship‘s serialization….

Mrs Piozzi’s Observations and Reflections appears online in a couple of places: Internet Archive; they also have a 1913 booklet about Thraliana. I once interlibrary loaned Doctor Johnson and Mrs Thrale, by A.M. Broadley – so much effort! and now it’s easily found online too. This book includes her journey through WALES!

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