The Ladies as Sculpture

Although hardly “new” anymore — the story is from 2010! — I just love this photo = it’s *fun*! Here’s the accompanying story. I do wish, however, they were as life-sized as this photo makes them appear… The second photo in the article gives the game away.


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  1. roseatoakwood
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 09:10:53

    From 2000-2008 I ran the Plas Newydd Artist in Resident project. Every year an artist specialising in a particular medium was selected to work during the Museums Month of May. As well as developing their own practice, the artists worked with school groups, adult learners the general public (in drop in sessions), and disabled groups, as a way of encouraging people to view the house and its collections in a fresh way. Part of the project was that the artist would produce a work that would be accessioned into the collection, so that a series of artistic responses to the story of The Ladies was built up.

    The project was not continued after I left, which was a great pity. The Plas Newydd Artist in Residence was becoming known amongst artists as a prestigious appointment, and Plas Newydd was on its way to becoming the Welsh Kettles Yard.


    • Janeite Kelly
      Jan 08, 2013 @ 10:47:55

      Hi, Rose — hearing you describe the program, it is a pity things didn’t continue, especially after having been in place for a number of years. Artists have too few venues, and Play Newydd’s must have been a wonderful place for an Artist-in-Residence to work. The college I used to work at (university-aged students, to those readers in the UK), had Artist-in-Resident talks, which could be exceptionally engaging for the non-specialist.



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