Two New Visitors @ Plas Newydd

Michael and I had the same thought today: We each found a new visitor to Plas Newydd! They will, in due time, be added to the growing list (see menus at right), but will be posted here to enable me to say Happy New Year! to all readers of the Ladies of Llangollen’s Wordpress blog:

6 September 1821

After ordering dinner, we went with the letters Mrs Tracy [possibly Hon Henrietta Tracy of Pontypool Park, Monmouthshire] had given us to call upon “the Ladies” – Lady Elinor Butler and Miss Ponsonby, two old ladies who live at a cottage near Llangollen – It is a charming place; it is beautifully ornamented with carved oak and both out and inside – which they themselves have collected – they are delightful people, and are always called “the Ladies” . They begged us to come in the evening, which we did … their rooms are full of pictures, trinkets etc. – they are acquainted with everybody and everything – … – they are the nicest people I ever saw, so droll.

Charles Octavius Swinnerton Morgan
Journal of a Tour through Wales
transcription & notes: Dai Morgan Evans
in Archaeologia Cambrensis (2011)

1 March 1828

before we left Langollen [sic] – we paid a visit to L:y Eleanor Butler & Miss Ponsonby – at their beautiful retired residence Plas Newydd — we spent an hour with them – and they were so entertaining that we left them with regret.

Susannah Mackworth Smith
diary, 1828


Plas Newydd Timeline, continues

Slowly, the Plas Newydd Timeline is building up! Tonight I’ve entered those mentions of Eleanor and Sarah from 1799 and 1800.

More to Come!


For those just joining us, and who are asking “What’s the ‘Plas Newydd Timeline’?” — click on the links (at right, or hover over the link above) to find out who was writing about whom as travellers visit Plas Newydd, Llangollen. If enquiring minds would like to know what Sarah and Eleanor were like – here’s the opportunity to find out, from those who meet (or heard about) them.

“Walked this morning to Plas Newydd…”

kimbrough picIn the 1950s Emily Kimborough wrote about her travels to Wales in the book And A Right Good Crew. Emily & Co. were in good company, for the Ladies of Llangollen had many, many visitors at their home Plas Newydd.

The main impetus for establishing this web presence for the ladies was to winnow out fact from fiction, and how better to do that than present actual words from people who met them…

I’m still building back the site since the old website was turned into this blog, so it’s with great applause that I welcome Michael and Liz as contributors! A new, ongoing “series” of comments will be making their appearance. Tonight I unveil the 1780s and half of the 1790s — the earliest comments about Sarah Ponsonby and Eleanor Butler. Some are from published sources, others have been transcribed from manuscript sources. Further additions are always welcome!

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