Anne Plumptre’s travels

Michael in Aberystwyth has unearthed not only a delightful vignette about “touring” the home of the Ladies of Llangollen, but also a very interesting writer.

anne-plumptreAnne Plumptre published in 1817 her Narrative of a Residence in Ireland, 1814-15; the Dublin City Public Library has a webpage dedicated to the writer, for there is a three-volume set in the Special Collections of the Dublin & Local Studies Collection. Her portrait (left) served as frontispiece.

You can find Anne Plumptre at the Orland Project (a subscription service) or at Internet Archive.

Anne authored many works, though the most intriguing to me (after this Ireland episode, which I must read) is her earlier Narrative of a Three Years Residence in France, 1802-05. Anne was a vociferous supporter of Napoleon!

Books.Google, that notorious¬†collector of missing volumes, has Plumptre’s France, vol I; vol II; vol III.

You will find Anne’s visit to Plas¬†Newydd in the Timeline for 1814.


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