News of the Ladies, c1832

The great-aunt of Emma Austen (my diarist) visited Llangollen several times. In transcribing her diary for May 1832 I found the following:

19 Sa on this day Saturday we got to Langollen – where we dined and Slept the Kings Head is a most comfortable Inn – and as none of us like to travel on Sunday – we determined to remain here the whole of the next day. —

20 Su on hearing the Service was to be in the Welch language in the Morning we read our prayers at home – at one OC- we walked to Plasnewydd. Mr Hamilton who was left Executor to Miss Ponsonby having given us permission to see it – he shewed us the Cottage — and we afterwards walked over the grounds – we returned to the Hotel to rest ourselves – and at half past 3 OC– we all went to the parish Church – the prayers were mostly read in English – and the Clergyman gave us an excellent Sermon

It is very poignant, after reading earlier visits where the Ladies themselves entertained Mrs Smith, to read this last entry of a lone walk over the house and grounds of Plas Newydd, permission given by “Mr Hamilton… to see it”.

In the Grounds Plas NewyddVisit “Plas Newydd en peintre” by clicking the picture

Road Map around the blog “Ladies of Llangollen”

Will take a moment to new readers and old fans to talk less about the Ladies of Llangollen and more about this blog.

I want to encourage contributors, so don’t be shy! Readers have contributed images, manuscript “finds”, as well as private talk about coming soon research.

Our purpose here is less the rumors of later ages. We’ve provided early scholarship, as well as manuscript “sightings” of the Ladies. Only those who actually met them can described them so well!

Here you will find biographical pages on each Lady:

As well as the special place in which they lived, Plas Newydd in Llangollen, North Wales.

Our Bibliography begins with the archival resources, reproduced in microfilm and print. Fiction-writers, playwrights, and poets have grabbed on to the story of the Ladies of Llangollen; please, if you know more – let me know! I love to TRAVEL and have included “Llangollen” as well as sightings of the Ladies in this section.

Several “Ladies” chapters are featured, so check out Blackburne, Hamilton, Harland, Lucas, Morland and Ponsonby. More coming!

Websites & More features travel items — it’s here you’ll find George Burrows on Wales. Apologies for broken links; sometimes, as fast as I find the new path, it becomes obsolete. VERY frustrating – but the internet is fairly fluid, sometimes. My first is to find Gathering the Jewels again. I love to READ, so it’s here you’ll find a suggested reading list.

Visitors is my list of people who arrived at Plas Newydd, and left their impressions. More to come there too. Have also been slowly collecting portraits of these people.

Complimenting this has been Michael’s collection from manuscripts that have been slowly added to this site under the idea of a Plas Newydd Timeline. A lot of these sources are unpublished, which makes them even more precious. Thanks also due to Liz Pitman, for those items she transcribed.

A lot of Anna Seward letters, and a few Mrs Piozzi (the former Hester Thrale) are included in the section on Correpondence & Correspondents.

Hope it’s all of interest, and of use.

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Thanks for the Memories

A brief post to say THANK YOU to all who contributed to the LADIES OF LLANGOLLEN blog in 2013. Some contributed texts, others images, and some readers posted comments, which are always welcome!

I want to take this opportunity to say that contributions are always welcome – news of a book or article; an image you don’t mind posting here; or just a brief ‘hello’ left in the comments.

I hope to continue with my own longstanding projects: CORRESPONDENCE (where did I leave off!) and also VISITORS, for I’ve a pile of off-prints from books unearthed about six years ago (oh, dear, where does the time go?).

NPG 6243; Lady Eleanor Charlotte Butler; Sarah Ponsonby by Unknown artist

I’ve been working on a silhouettes project for my Smiths & Goslings, and can’t help but post this piece of Sarah and Eleanor. There really is a wonderful, forgotten, craft of doing silhouette images. A favorite place to view them is at Wigs on the Green.

Happy New Year, and Best Wishes for 2014!

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