A Glimpse of Things to Come

A blog-reader has promised us an enticing new feature: a bit of a travelogue experience about moving in the steps of Sarah Ponsonby and Eleanor Butler, The Ladies of Llangollen. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the “Lollies and Trollies” turn up too…

Steps in Plas Newydd grounds



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  1. Roger Mansbridge
    Aug 19, 2015 @ 19:45:10

    Interesting the Lollies and the Trollies are mentioned here, I was at Llantysilio Churcyard recently where some of my family are buried, on finding thier rather grand grave and memorial there is a hugh yew tree splitting right through the middle of this.

    It was a grand memorial if not as grand as the ‘Ladies’ – their attemts at competing with the Lifestile of the Ladies never really worked, but they had money to give them such a grave, will get some pictures and post them on this web.

    Thankfully due to Llangollen History Society, in particular Gill and Glyn Thomas and members, EB, SP and of course Mary Carryl’s memorial grave has been wonderfully restored after many years of neglect.


    • Janeite Kelly
      Aug 20, 2015 @ 12:20:33

      Hi, Roger – always good to hear from you.

      Thanks for thinking of taking pictures. Liz, who leaves next month, will (I’m sure) be interested to see them; as would I.

      It’s hard to ignore the two (Charlotte Andrew and Amelia Lolly) – and they did own the house for a time.

      Good to hear the shout out to the Llangollen Historical Society and members for restoring the memorial grave. It’s been too many years since I was in Llangollen, so this news gives a bit of a push to people like me to seek it out.



    • Liz
      Aug 20, 2015 @ 15:36:04

      Well, Roger – thankfully, you have finally confirmed for me that I did not imagine or dream up the idea that the Lollies and the Trollies (Charlotte Andrew [CA] and Amelia Lolly [AL]) indeed do have a prominant and interesting memorial dedicated to themselves and to their existence as follow-up owners of Plas Newydd!

      My first time in Llangollen, in my youth and inexperience I goofed up the name/location of the church where I thought EB and SP were buried and headed out instead to Llantysillio in search of their graves and Mary Carryll’s as well. Of course I did not find their graves but instead I inadvertantly stumbled upon a large curious obelisk memorial erected to the memory of one Charlotte Andrew (CA) and Amelia Lolly (AL). It went on in detail to describe how they had inhabited Plas Newydd after EB and SP, etc. etc. etc. I was amazed at the time to have found theirs but not the others’ and again in my inexperience failed to capture a photo of that odd memorial before leaving the churchyard. It just wasn’t what I was looking for at the time.

      Fast forward about 25 years later when my attention has now been turned to the curious loves and lives of CA and AL – I have since then done some research on where they came from (Manchester), why they came, where they lived and died – and I have as of yet been unable to get my hands on a photograph of that memoral at Llantysillio churchyard. I think it was last year perhaps when I began to make plans for my upcoming re-visit to Llangollen and Plas Newydd and Llantysillio that I put out a request for anyone in the area who could get there to please post a picture for the rest of us. In addition, as a contributor for http://www.findagrave.com, I also dedicated memorials for each CA and AL, which are currently awaiting a picture to add to this wonderful resource for historians and researchers. So, Roger, I will be in Llangollen and vicinity in about 4 weeks, but if you are able to go to Llantysillio before then and share a good picture of The Lollies and the Trollies’ fancy memorial for the rest of us to see any sooner, then all the better!

      On a side note: There apparently is, or once was a window in Llantysillio Church which had been dedicated by Amelia Lolly to the memory of Charlotte Andrew. I will be visiting the church to take a look and see what I can find out about it. If the window is in tact, I will certainly take a picture of it.

      In addition, at Trevor, there is a church which at one time also housed another window, a stained glass window from Brittany, that was also a gift dedicated to the memory of Charlotte Andrew by her friend Amelia Lolly. That window was replaced by a third in its stead in 1930. These two definitely did what they could to leave behind memories of their existence in Llangollen valley and to be remembered for their friendship as well. Interesting. Imposters or simply were they looking to live somewhere where they thought would fit in and be accepted in the way that The Ladies did?

      Thanks, Roger! Your comment has made my day!


      • Roger Mansbridge
        Aug 20, 2015 @ 16:58:33

        Hi Liz

        email me at mans.bridge@yahoo.co.uk and let me know when you are in the area – I will find time and take you where you need to go, i.e. Llantysilio, Plas Newydd and the restored memorial to the Ladies at Llangollen, also, if you know about Brynbella, the Ladies friends Mrs. Thrale and her husband Mr. Piozzi, (Thrale was a great friend of Dr. Johnson, might be able to get a visit to the garden at Brynbella, the house was built for Thrale/Piozzi, house not open but the gardens are amazing, the Ladies spent time there, even a Piano was bought to Plas Newydd from Brynbella for musical evenings, albeit carried by horse and cart!

        Best regards


  2. Janeite Kelly
    Aug 20, 2015 @ 19:01:33

    Hi, Roger – oh, how nice of you to offer. Liz would be in very good hands, if you all do manage to meet up.

    And “Brynbella”! _I_ am a BIG Hester fan. GREEN with envy, if you go there…



  3. Liz
    Aug 21, 2015 @ 07:54:17

    Dear Roger and Kelly –

    Brynbella it is! I will contact you, Roger, once we are either near or actually in Llangollen. We are staying at the Chainbridge Hotel and so looking forward to basking in all that the Vale has to offer!

    Thank you for your kind offer!


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