Hamwood House

Anyone reading about the Ladies of Llangollen – Sarah Ponsonby and Lady Eleanor Butler – sooner rather than later come across the book published in 1930 entitled The Hamwood Papers of the Ladies of Llangollen and Caroline Hamilton.

hamwood dust

The Hamwood estate, “Historic House and Gardens,” opens to visitors April to September. But you can “visit” it via its website any time you please!

Hamwood House

Unfortunately, much of the web-history of Hamwood follows the men of the estate, so make sure to click on HAMWOOD LADIES for the more satisfying run-down of their influence and history. A charming portrait of Caroline Hamilton on that page just might entice everyone to seek out The Hamwood Papers. In the past, there have been well-priced copies; the market fluctuates. It can be a bit of a search – though well worth it, as the book includes much primary material, especially the diary entries of Eleanor Butler.

You can find MORE published items under BIBLIOGRAPHY, on this blog, including links to those that have been uploaded to this site. “Hover” over the word bibliography in the links along the top for pieces such as the chapter on the Ladies of Llangollen in E. Owen Blackburne’s Illustrious Irishwomen. Same links run down the right-side of the screen.

Hamwood is located in County Meath, Ireland. As the picture above shows, the house is quite handsome from the exterior.


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