Sarah Ponsonby’s Diary

The website CURIOUS TRAVELLERS has posted an annotated version of “Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby, Account of a Journey in Wales; Perform’d in May 1778 by Two Fugitive Ladies“.

The diary opens on May 10th, with the words: Arrived at Haking —

Follow the duo, as they sail across Milford Haven to commence their journey to Llangollen.

One of the few primary materials penned by Sarah Ponsonby that remains, it’s original archive entry at the National Library of Wales may be found here.

For the transcription of “Two Fugitive Ladies,” click on the picture (below):

In the Grounds Plas Newydd

While at the site, check out other “historical” tours, of Wales and of Scotland (same link serves for all tours). The Welsh tours include Katherine Plymley (“Journey to Anglesey,” 1792) and Anne Lister (“Tour of North Wales”, 1822); as well, of course, the Butler/Ponsonby tour.

A focus for the website is THOMAS PENNANT. You will enjoy his letters as much as the tours.

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