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Been saving up for quite some time some YouTube “finds” on Anne Lister, her diaries, her life &c.

Anne Lister (14:06) presented by JAN BRIDGET  in 2014; includes a tour of Shibden Hall, information on author/editor Helena Whitbread, and later books and films. Bridget also has presented a shorter (10:00) film.

Anne Lister

Decoding Anne Lister (31:58) – Prof. ALISON ORAM on the history of the diaries, in 2011.



  • Anne Lister’s diaries run to “about 4 million words”, making it “about 3 times as long” as Samuel Pepys’ diaries.
  • one-sixth is written in her own code.


The 2010 film, The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister might go away, but I’ll give one instance that I have found (though not sure it’s the one I watched). I found it a lovely film, and feel that Anne-fans will want to own a copy.

Anne Lister’s last steps (1:19:32) – from summer 2016, Dr. ANGELA STEIDELE discusses Anne Lister’s travels, including her last trip abroad.


More Visitors to Plas Newydd, Part III

Ah, today we introduce a trio who may or may never have actually met the Ladies of Llangollen — but they sure know how to make an impression regarding their thoughts about Sarah and Eleanor. The exception is writer, Mary Brunton; she merely mentions being in their company.

The others are Princess Caroline;  actor Charles Mathews — whose comments have stuck like glue to the Ladies; and Lady Louisa Stuart.

These visitors bring us up to 1821 – The Ladies are no longer young. And soon Sarah will meet a woman who confided much about them to her diary: Anne Lister.


I nearly forgot: At the end of the Charles Mathews’ visitor page is a short piece (by Frances Power Cobb) about Harriet St. Leger’s “dress” — which makes for interesting reading.

Anne Lister of Shibden Hall

Just a short post to alert readers to another short post on Anne Lister:

This was just a few thoughts after watching the BBC special Revealing Anne Lister.

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