Where GHOSTS Walk

On the heels of a visit in the footsteps of the Ladies of Llangollen, and in honor of TODAY being HALLOWEEN, I invite readers to take ten minutes and read the chapter entitled

Where Ghosts Walk

which is part of Marion Hartand’s series “The Haunts of Familiar Characters in History and Literature“. The chapter included on this site, of course, is her take on Sarah Ponsonby and Eleanor Butler and Mary Carryl.


Harland’s piece is one of many culled from various books. Click on any of the list (at right, or also above), but also check out the whole BIBLIOGRAPHY. This includes not only biographical items, but also has a section on TRAVEL. Enjoy!


Ladies of Llangollen Bibliography

For the life of me I could not figure out if I had written about The Hamwood Papers or not…

I did! I did! – So, why did I wonder that? Why couldn’t I find what I had posted about these items??

Because the BIBLIOGRAPHY link listed book excerpts in a drop-down menu, I did not think to simply CLICK on the word BIBLIOGRAPHY! 

E voila…

I must try to find a different way of listing the excerpts… But for now, this short posting must serve for those looking for the likes of The Hamwood Papers and primary sources for the letters & diaries of the Ladies of Llangollen, as well as some books and papers.

Apologies for the layout of the page; it’s obviously font-challenged at present…

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