No April Fools

After a bit of an unanticipated ‘break’, the PLAS NEWYDD TIMELINE has resumed, with the years 1810 through 1819.

MaryBruntonVisitors, like writer Mary Brunton (pictured), leave their scant impressions of the grounds and the Ladies: Sarah Ponsonby and Eleanor Butler.

The march of time is seen during these years: finally the end of the Napoleonic Wars!

War, however, did not keep Louis Simond from visiting England in the years 1810-11; his published book came out a few years later. I *love* his tale of the Ladies — for he seems among the few who applied for admittance, but was turned away!


More Visitors to Plas Newydd, Part III

Ah, today we introduce a trio who may or may never have actually met the Ladies of Llangollen — but they sure know how to make an impression regarding their thoughts about Sarah and Eleanor. The exception is writer, Mary Brunton; she merely mentions being in their company.

The others are Princess Caroline;  actor Charles Mathews — whose comments have stuck like glue to the Ladies; and Lady Louisa Stuart.

These visitors bring us up to 1821 – The Ladies are no longer young. And soon Sarah will meet a woman who confided much about them to her diary: Anne Lister.


I nearly forgot: At the end of the Charles Mathews’ visitor page is a short piece (by Frances Power Cobb) about Harriet St. Leger’s “dress” — which makes for interesting reading.

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