Happy 2016!

It is New Year’s Day, 2016. Best wishes to all Ladies of Llangollen readers!

Looking for something totally different, I came across Michael Freeman’s site about Wales & Welsh Travellers. It’s a Wordpress blog (called sublimewales)!

early tourists_wales

I was especially happy to find the page entitled Women Tourists, which made me look up the book Fragments in Prose & Verse by Miss Elizabeth Smith [no relation to the Smiths of Suttons; at least I doubt it…]

elizabeth smith

Miss Smith, at the very least, documented a visit with the Ladies of Llangollen in 1796 (she was in the Llangollen neighborhood in 1798, but they did not stop there). I’ve quickly put in the two quotes on the PLAS NEWYDD TIMELINE(s) for those years.

One early volume (1809), in inimitable books.google fashion, had pages missing; but of an 1811 volume – in TWO volumes, I find copies of volume I (different version; 1824 edition) and will link the 1809 Memoir of Klopstock (vol. II), which I hope is intact. Henrietta Maria Bowdler is the editor. She gives a TANTALIZING picture of “letters that used to be” when writing that Miss Smith had written a letter about her visit to the Ladies (in 1796) which was destroyed. A great loss, indeed!

For readers interested in “historical” travel to Wales, your New Year’s Resolution MUST include some of the books and/or manuscripts noted on Michael’s website.



Ladies of Llangollen Bibliography

For the life of me I could not figure out if I had written about The Hamwood Papers or not…

I did! I did! – So, why did I wonder that? Why couldn’t I find what I had posted about these items??

Because the BIBLIOGRAPHY link listed book excerpts in a drop-down menu, I did not think to simply CLICK on the word BIBLIOGRAPHY! 

E voila…

I must try to find a different way of listing the excerpts… But for now, this short posting must serve for those looking for the likes of The Hamwood Papers and primary sources for the letters & diaries of the Ladies of Llangollen, as well as some books and papers.

Apologies for the layout of the page; it’s obviously font-challenged at present…

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