Ghostly “Knockings” at Plas Newydd

Reader LIZ, who is counting down the days until she’s standing on Llangollen terra firma, mentioned a YouTube video on paranormal sightings at Plas Newydd.

As any good investigator would do, I searched for the link myself!

most haunted

I must agree with Liz, as to the comical repetition in a show where the line “Did you hear that?’ occurs over and again (and, I must confess, with a new roof going on the house the day I watched, frankly, NO! I didn’t hear that…). But I also agree that it’s nice to be brought inside Plas Newydd!

Just in case links cause videos to get taken down, I won’t post a link to any one video (today I see two users offering the full 44-minute episode). but the photo (above) will start off those wishing to see more.


Harland: Where Ghosts Walk



In a locked drawer of my library is an old manuscript book bound in soft calfskin, the hall-mark of the “Edition de Luxe” of the eighteenth century. The pages, sallowed by the century-and-a-quarter that have made them tender to the touch, are covered with characters, small, but as clear as copperplate and distinct, although faded to a leaf-brown. One hundred and fifty letters, carefully numbered, were here transcribed by the man who wrote the originals to a woman whom he knew from her girlhood. He married her sister. Through the stilted platonics of the numbered epistles, it is plain to this one of his correspondent’s descendants that he should have wedded the younger of the two girls. …
So begins the “history” of the Ladies as written by Marion Harland. To read the entire entry, click here

From a photograph by Valentine 

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