Louis Simond

Louis SimondLouis Simond signed his authorship of Journal of a Tour and Residence in Great Britain, During the Years 1810 and 1811 as A French Traveller.

Eleanor (especially) could sometimes be abrupt with potential guests (understandable; given the volume of visits, at times).  In volume 1 of Journal of a Tour, our French Traveller relates the story of being turned away from a visit to Plas Newydd.

“Near Llangollen, where we dined, is the residence of two ladies, whose names are identified with the vale, Lady E. Butler and Miss Ponsonby; and after having informed ourselves of the etiquette of the place, we dispatched a note requesting permission to see the grounds, announcing ourselves, in hopes of strengthening our claim, as American travellers. The ladies, however, were cruel, and answered, ‘it was not convenient to permit the place to be seen that day.’ The landlady, who had overheard some words of French spoken among us, observed that the ladies were fond of the French language, and that, if we had petitioned in French, we should have been admitted. The hint came too late. Taking a guide, however, we were conducted round the hermitage.”

read the rest of Simond’s trip and visit by clicking the link above

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