Princess Caroline


Princess Caroline, consort to George, the Prince of Wales – members of the royal family did correspond with the Ladies of Llangollen: Queen Charlotte even asked for a drawing of Plas Newydd; yet there is no evidence that Princess Caroline was one of their correspondents.

Printed in Diary Illustrative of the Times of George the Fourth interspersed with Original Letters from the Late Queen Caroline…, vol. iv, edited by John Galt, esq. (1839), this reputed letter of Caroline’s dates to c. May 1814:

“Lady Anne is en petite santé just now; she is truly interesting; yet, as your song says, ‘Nobody’s coming to marry her,’ nor I fear never will; so I and Joan shall live and die together, like two turtle-doves, or rather like dem two foolish women, Lady Eleanor Butler and Mlle. Ponsonby, who must be mad, I should tink, to choose to leave the world, and set up in a hermitage in Wales, — mais chacun a son goût, — it would not be mine. My dear [name left blank], I do dread being married to a lady friend. Men are tyrants, mais de women — heaven help us! dey are vrais Neros over those they rule. No, no, — give me my sweet Prince, rather than a female governess.”

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