Richard Twining


Richard TWINING – in a letter to his brother the Rev. Thomas Twining during a trip to North Wales, describes a meeting — evidently not his first! — with Sarah and Eleanor.

     Editor Richard Twining confirms in the introductory family annalsThomas Twining, my great-great-grandfather,  at the commencement of the eighteenth century … migrate[d] to London, … from whence he founded (c. 1710) the business of a tea-dealer at Toms Coffee House in Devereux Court, Strand.”  How appropriate that they should all take tea together then!

Selections from Papers of the Twining Family (1887) includes the following letter:

“Llanfwrog, July 17, 1785.

We left Gresford on Friday, and dined that day at Llangollen.  The ride from Ruabon to Llangollen is capital.  The road forms a terrace above the Dee, which winds amidst most noble mountains.  The scene is perpetually varying, and perpetually improving.  At Llangollen we drank tea with Miss Butler and Miss Ponsonby, who are noticed in one of ‘my silly blue books’ Their house and gardens are much improved since I was last at Llangollen.” [p. 114]

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